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Your Anniversary with Family!

Celebrate the Anniversary of Your Shopping Mall with Us. Create your day by choosing the LAB area, the Meet&Greet, the fittings and give life to an unforgettable event: for You and for Your Customers!

Create Your Anniversary in Just 5 Steps

Start from LAB area Vai ai Dettaglithen choose meet&greetVai ai Dettagli (up to a maximum of 2) and set-upVai ai Dettagli, add if necessary, more information and finally enter your data











    Select LAB Area

    For children's delight, choose the creative workshop from the brands offered below MiloPinocchio and Friendsi Puffi44 CatsMasha and The BearBlueyBingSuper BennyCoComelonSonicTopo TipSummer & ToddPocoyoSimonEmojiAquabeads

    Select Meet & Greet

    The trendiest costume characters of the moment in your shopping mall. You can choose up to a maximum of 2 brands MiloPinocchio and FriendsThe Smurfs44 CatsMasha and The BearBlueyCoComelonPocoyoSimonSuper bennySonicMiraculousTopo TipBingSummer & ToddLampadino & Caramella

    Choose Setup

    Styrofoam mega cake for photobooth station or balloon sculptures for all the kids? Services included in the package: sound service, stage and communication kit Mega Torta PolistiroloSculture Palloncini

    Additional Notes

    Use the area below for further inquiries and/or additional information

    Request Your Quote

    Write your first and last name, your email, your cell phone number, and your mall's anniversary day Package does not include: SIAE and charges for use of public space

    LAB Areas

    Thanks to our fantastic team, we design, create and develop beautiful and colorful baby areas that faithfully reproduce elements and details of the brands most loved and followed by children.

    Click on images to open gallery

    Watch Promo Videos of Some of Our Areas

    Melon Patch Academy

    cocomelon your anniversary in the familyA space that reproduces life-size in every detail the cartoon school attended by JJ and his classmates, where children can play and learn while having fun. An area of nearly 50sqm that houses within it 4 different spaces that recreate 4 settings from the cartoon.

    Nonna Pina's House

    44 cats your anniversary in the familyL’unica in Italia visitabile all’interno, dove i piccoli ospiti possono vivere un’esperienza totalmente immersiva partecipando a laboratori di art & craft, giocando nella cucina di Nonna Pina e suonando realmente gli strumenti nel garage dei Buffycats.

    All areas developed by Soluna Experience are modular and thus adaptable to the spaces available in shopping malls

    The Meet & Greets

    With the strongest brands on the market, those that have a story to tell, that have great news in store for their fans. That maintain a high educational value and dialogue with concepts such as sustainability, green, social.

    Choose from 44 Cats, The Smurfs, Pinocchio & Friends, Bluey, Bing, CoComelon, Topo Tip, Summer & Todd and many more

    The Setup

    Choose from personalized mega cake for photobooth station or balloon sculptures for all children


    Big Cake

    A customized mega cake to be used as a location to take fantastic souvenir photos of the event

    Balloon Sculptures

    A colors explotion! Fantastic sculptures made with balloons to the delight of all children 

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    Celebrate with Us!

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