Rebby and Molly

The YouTubers and top Gamers of the moment in Italy's galleries and shopping malls

Dizzying Numbers

822K Subscribers

8M Views/Month



Target: 8+ Years

LAB Area

From the very popular YouTube channel dedicated to youngsters, we offer activities with Rebby and Molly starring in Challenges, gags and pranks.

The thematic area, inspired by the videos and graphics of famous gamers allows people to try their hand at games and social challenges focused on interaction.

All areas are modular and adaptable to the spaces available in shopping malls and tourist resorts.

rebby and molly youtube content creator

The Meet and Greet with Rebby and Molly

Unforgettable moments: meet your favorites in person

rebby and molly youtube meet and greet soluna experience

Rebby and Molly in person in galleries and shopping malls through the meet and greet formula.

Now thanks to Soluna, it is possible to meet your idols live, spend some time together and capture the moment by taking souvenir photos.

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Soluna Format

We work with big brands but not only! We are also creators of many formats produced mainly for the kids target audience.

green thumbs lab format soluna
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