Pinocchio and friends

The wonder shop and the must-have meet and greet

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Geppetto's Sustainable Lab

The first lab that teaches "know-how" to children is Geppetto's: from the brand new PINOCCHIO AND FRIENDS property by Rainbow, a kids' space comes to life for ages 3 and up where they can learn to build toys.

The lab allows children to develop manual dexterity by assembling and creating a new toy.

All areas are modular and adaptable to the spaces available in shopping malls and tourist resorts.

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the wonder shop suspended's toy assogiocattoli soluna experienceIn addition, thanks to the initiative of the "SUSPENDED TOY," sponsored by ASSOGIOCATTOLI, the lab embraces social sustainability theme.

Children entering in Wonder Shop can leave, in a trunk specially set up at the entrance to the area, a new or mint condition toy to be donated to associations that care for families in need, or to pediatric wards of hospital facilities, thus helping to make other less fortunate children happy.

The Meet and Greet with Pinocchio and Freeda

To the joy and happiness of children!

meet and greet pinocchio and friends soluna experienceThe costume characters of Pinocchio and Freeda are an accurate reproduction of the cartoon characters.

Children will be amazed to see their favorites live, to actually be able to hug them and play with them.

All 30-minute outings within the day turn into photo-opportunity moments.

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Soluna Format

We work with big brands but not only! We are also creators of many formats produced mainly for the kids target audience.

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