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Nonna Pina's house, lab 44 Cats and the ever-present meet and greet

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Nonna Pina's House

The animated series, co-produced by Rai and Rainbow Production, tells the funny adventures of Lampo, Milady, Pilou and Polpetta, four cute kittens who play in the band "Buffycats" and live in Grandma Pina's house.

Soluna, with the aim of making children relive the emotions of the cartoon, has created an edutainment area completely dedicated to buffycats, with Grandma Pina's house, which can be visited inside, the garden tree, the fire truck and much more...to give young guests a totally immersive experience.

Participating in art & craft workshops, playing in Grandma Pina's kitchen, and actually playing the Buffycats' instruments will be catlike!

The 44 Cats Lab

Catlike moments to learn while having fun

Within a fully branded space with a maximum size of 6×6 mt, a workshop comes to life offering recreational activities to target children 3-9 years old.

Our entertainers join the children in making handicrafts themed 44 Cats, decided with the mall management according to the season (Carnival, Easter, Christmas, etc.)

All areas are modular and adaptable to the spaces available in shopping malls and tourist resorts.

The Meet and Greet with Lampo and Milady

Fellow kitties, ready for a picture together with the Buffycats?

meet and greet lampo milady 44 gatti soluna experienceMust-have! Straight from the Buffycats band, Lightning and Milady meet their "pussycat friends" for a magical photo-opportunity moment.

The costume characters, of the highest quality, faithfully reproduce the cartoon characters to give unforgettable emotions to children.

The meet and greet is always a winning formula.

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Soluna Format

We work with big brands but not only! We are also creators of many formats produced mainly for the kids target audience.

green thumbs lab format soluna
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