Green Thumbs

To learn while having fun to respect the environment

green thumbs lab gardening soluna experience formatIn a world where children are increasingly distracted by the technology of tablets and cell phones, which they have been using as games since early childhood, the little green thumbs lab is meant to be an attempt to open up to younger children a window into the gardening world.

Presented initially as a game, the hope is that a love of nature can take root in their souls. This is intended to make a contribution to the formation of a new environmentally friendly generation.

The green lab

A lab dedicated to children aged 3 to 12 years old to help pass on knowledge related to green care and nature conservation to the younger generation.

Gardening teaches children to know and love nature, to follow and respect the slow rhythms of nature.

The Green Thumbs Lab is structured in two parts:

  • one sensory to discover the scents and colors of plants in the area where they live.
  • one practice during which children, equipped with customized aprons, participate in stimulating activities such as making a small potted vegetable garden.

The teaching for the children does not end with the lesson: in fact, they will have to take care of the seedling they transplanted until they can appreciate its fruits.

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Brand and Licensing

The strongest in the market, those that have a story to tell, that have great news in store for their fans. Which maintain a high educational value and dialogue with concepts such as sustainability, green, social.

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