Santa Claus' Village

The magic of Christmas experienced with a themed lab

The Format

A fairy-tale village that enchants with its magic and merriment among lights, colors and music! It will show itself in all its splendor to those who want to be enchanted by the magic of its interior.

Santa Claus' Village has everything! The snowy landscape, trees and houses recreate the outside environment, while the inside represents Santa's hall where children can write their letters and participate in creative workshops.

Lots of spaces set up for the occasion-all ready to welcome families to spend the holidays in merriment, among lights and colors. To top it off, a sweet themed background music.

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Brand and Licensing

The strongest in the market, those that have a story to tell, that have great news in store for their fans. Which maintain a high educational value and dialogue with concepts such as sustainability, green, social.

"44 Cats. The Smurfs, Pinocchio and Friends, CoComelon, Bluey, the cute Topo Tip, the sweetest Bing, etc…

meet and greet pinocchio and frtiends by soluna experience
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