The Smurfs

The labs, the area, the must-have meet and greet, and the recycling collection.

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The Smurfs Lab

A lab suitable for children 3-10 years old in a 6×6 meter modular size area equipped with tables and seats to engage children in playful-recreational activities.

Coloring cards and small lab activities find their place according to the seasons (Easter crafts, Christmas art & craft, and so on) at the shopping mall's request.

All areas are modular and adaptable to the spaces available in shopping malls and tourist resorts.

The Meet and Greet with the Smurfs

Take a picture together with Papa Smurf and Smurfette

meet and greet puffi centri commerciali soluna experience

The Smurfs, Brand Ambassadors of the ONU, meet their fans in shopping malls and tourist resorts all around Italy!

Lots of fun, cuddles and photos with the fantastic costume characters of Papa Smurf and Smurfette.

A special meet and greet that the parents of the children also love.

Smurfs' recycling collection: let's save the world from plastic

puffi e la raccolta differenziata obiettivo onu

Everyone knows the Smurfs: the brand holds 95 percent worldwide recognition, and in 2022, the little blue heroes will return with a new TV series on RAI.

They have been spreading core values such as tolerance, respect, friendship and care for the planet since 1958, which has made them the perfect BRAND AMBASSADOR of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the ONU AGENDA 2030.

Soluna has developed a format that contributes to the respect of nature through RECYCLING COLLECTION: a number of metal plastic-collecting 'whales' and 'fish' are placed inside the shopping mall.

The colorful and very eye-catching metal structures are flanked by a fully customized Smurfs POP, which explains the value of life under water and the value of the initiative. At the end of the period, all plastic is collected from the whales and properly disposed of.

The format, which can live inside the mall for the time set by the management, has an exclusive advantage: it allows for very strong media communication about the activity, done both by the shopping mall and by the brand itself (through social channels dedicated to Smurfs).

Costume characters of two Smurfs are present at the opening of the initiative.

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Soluna Format

We work with big brands but not only! We are also creators of many formats produced mainly for the kids target audience.

green thumbs lab format soluna
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