Carnival Special

Soluna formats for a sparkling carnival

Parades in the gallery

carnival special soluna experience format

The format includes a parade of masks worn by young children.

A speaker and many moments of interaction with the audience.

In Carnival, every cart counts

School project: each participating class is given a kit containing the materials needed to carry out the project. The carts made will then be taken to the gallery to parade to music.

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Brand and Licensing

The strongest in the market, those that have a story to tell, that have great news in store for their fans. Which maintain a high educational value and dialogue with concepts such as sustainability, green, social.

"44 Cats. The Smurfs, Pinocchio and Friends, CoComelon, Bluey, the cute Topo Tip, the sweetest Bing, etc…

meet and greet pinocchio and frtiends by soluna experience
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