Street Art

3D anamorphic paintings and sand paintings

Festival Street Painting 3D

Anamorphism is an optical illusion effect whereby an image is projected onto the plane in a distorted way, making the original subject recognizable only by looking at a precise image.

Some contemporary artists, have specialized in painting anamorphic works on the walls of buildings or sidewalks such that passersby perceive cavities or three-dimensional objects that do not actually exist.

Sand fables

The art of drawing with sand, a technique with which extraordinary Street Artists create incredible animation shows capable of thrilling not only children, but also audiences of adults.

This is done with narratives developed through sand drawings animated on an overhead projector and accompanied by exciting music.

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Brand and Licensing

The strongest in the market, those that have a story to tell, that have great news in store for their fans. Which maintain a high educational value and dialogue with concepts such as sustainability, green, social.

"44 Cats. The Smurfs, Pinocchio and Friends, CoComelon, Bluey, the cute Topo Tip, the sweetest Bing, etc…

meet and greet pinocchio and frtiends by soluna experience
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