Sea and Its Inhabitants

Let us learn to safeguard our sea

The format aims to raise awareness of the marine biodiversity that populates our seas. The sea, is not simply a lifeless and empty container of water but hosts a myriad of organisms that differ infinitely in shape and color.

the sea and its inhabitants soluna experience format

How it takes place

Through direct observation in a Mediterranean marine aquarium and the projection of images of underwater life, we learn to respect and protect the sea: only in this way can we avoid those bad behaviors that can pollute it.

In collaboration with EFMM

ente fauna marina mediterranea

The format benefits from the valuable collaboration of the Mediterranean Marine Fauna Authority.

This organization is involved in research and the dissemination of knowledge about the Italian and Mediterranean natural heritage through seminars, environmental education activities and volunteer work aimed at preserving marine biodiversity and combating indiscriminate fishing and environmental alterations.

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Brand and Licensing

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meet and greet pinocchio and frtiends by soluna experience
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