Soluna's portfolio features the hottest YouTubers and Gamers of the moment ready to land in galleries and shopping malls around Italy

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bellafaccia francesco molinari


From the world-famous Youtube channel dedicated to youngsters, BellaFaccia, aka Francesco Molinari, lands for the first time in Italian galleries and shopping malls to reveal the secrets of the famous video games Minecraft, Roblox and Stumble Guys.

The Lab area hosts a play space dedicated to Generation Z. BellaFaccia herself can be present for an extraordinary Meet & Greet.

Dizzying Numbers

1.26M Subscribers

24M Views/Month

133K Follower

47.5K Follower

Target: 8+ Years

Rebby and Molly

From the very popular YouTube channel dedicated to youngsters, we offer activities with Rebby and Molly starring in Challenges, gags and pranks.

We create a thematic area inspired by the videos and graphics of famous gamers where you can try your hand at games and social challenges that encourage interaction and give you a chance to meet your idols live at the mall!

Dizzying Numbers

656K Subscribers

16M Views/Month

37.1K Follower

70K Follower

Target: 8+ Years

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