April Recap

bluey meet and greet 2024 soluna experience

Bluey: the most beloved meet and greet of the month!

Bluey Unites the Family. Loved by young and old, record streaming, winner of numerous awards. Bluey chronicles daily family life, routines, joys and sorrows. It is simple, normal, true and that is why it is so successful. Would you like to host it in your mall, too? Let's have a talk.

bluey meet and greet of month
the lab of cocomelon soluna

CoComelon LAB

On the occasion of Earth Day, great success of the maxi-laboratory. The space-farm where children do activities related to nature, such as playing with toy fruits and vegetables to learn about their seasonality.

sonic zoomarine 2024 soluna
zoorassic square zoomarine 2024 soluna
topo gigio zoomarine 2024 soluna

Soluna Experience Activities Started at Zoomarine

For the second consecutive year, we are present at Zoomarine, the renowned amusement park in Torvaianica, with as many as three different activities: Sonic, Zoorassic Square and Topo Gigio

Soluna at Bologna Licensing Trade Fair

We attended the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair again this year to strengthen relationships with our partners and learn about new opportunities to convey in your shopping center.

soiluna at bologna licensing trade fair 2024


The Ninja Turtles Meet and Greet is here, and now you have the opportunity to host the legendary Michelangelo and Leonardo in your shopping center. Block your date now. Call us at +39 351 644 3447

ninja turtles new 2024 soluna

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