Super Benny arrives: many new recipes at Soluna home! 

super benny license acquisition by soluna experience


Super Benny enters shopping malls around Italy with labs and training courses aimed at raising awareness among kids and their families about respect for the planet.

19 September 2022 – Super Benny, the animated series produced by KidsMe for Warner Bros. Discovery, starring Benedetta Rossi, enters the family >Soluna to give kids and their families a 360-degree experience in shopping malls and galleries around Italy.

The animated series launched last June on discovery+ and followed by Frisbee (channel 44), with ratings that reached 28% share on the 4-10 target, is today ready to become reality with the strategic support of Talks Media, Benedetta Rossi's partner agency and licensor of the Super Benny brand.

Thanks to an ad hoc communication plan carried out on the properties of Benedetta Rossi (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and website) and on the official social channels of Warner Bros. Discovery, Super Benny reached in just three months over 50 million people between adults and children and from today it strengthens the licensing initiatives together with Soluna and its training events, to spread the concepts of healthy and consciously respecting the planet.

Since 2020, Soluna Experience has been combining its expertise with the most important brands and properties for the family&kids target through events, animations and immersive experiences dedicated to the world of Retail and Hospitality. The cartoon with strong educational values fully embraces Soluna's philosophy: educating while having fun.

Thus was born the “Laboratorio delle Idee Furbe”, a modular area to be placed in galleries and shopping centres, composed of: kitchen area with themed counters, vegetable garden for educational games, social area and corner of magical ideas with quizzes and games. The experiential activities proposed by Soluna are completed by the inevitable meet&greet with two costume characters which faithfully reproduce Super Benny, the heroine of the cartoon and Marco, her life partner with the aim of creating moments of game and engagement.

All the activities aim to move away from the traditional concept of "event" becoming a real educational experience which is perfectly linked to the values of the brand through formats that talk about sustainability, ecology and social responsibility paths to raise awareness children and their families to respect the planet.

“Soluna Experience today represents one of the most interesting realities on the Italian market in the sector of events, animations and experiences dedicated to the world of Retail and Hospitality. I am very excited about this partnership! – Says Natascia Pierri, COO of Talks Media – Together we will create real experiences for the little ones, moving away from the concept of "event" and simple "entertainment".

“Together with Talks Media, “smart ideas” are born. Super Benny, a cartoon with strong educational values, fully embraces our philosophy of educating while having fun. – Says Tonio Cancemi, Head of Project of Soluna Experience. – Super Benny always finds the right "recipe" to solve everyday problems, using objects in an original, crazy and unexpected way."

The new episodes of “Super Benny” are available exclusively on discovery+ and will be broadcast from October on Frisbee (channel 44).

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