Let's discover our formats: My Social Playroom

Let's discover our formats: My Social Playroom

Our My Social Playroom is gaining acclaim and excellent results, both from our customers and the public. But how does it work in detail?

Below is an in-depth look at this format.

My Social Playroom: safe fun

My social Playroom is the first format entirely dedicated to young children: a secure online space where children can spend moments of play, fun and entertainment in the company of their favorite characters.Thanks to our brands, we can offer 30-minute afternoon appointments in live streaming, from the social platforms of the facilities. 

The contents of My Social Playroom

My Social Playroom is basically a virtual playspace, featuring, of course live official characters.The latter, together with our animators, entertain the children with:

  • Theme games
  • Creative Labs
  • Baby Dance

Ultimately, a space in which to have fun in complete safety. 

The Brands Involved

In My Social Playroom there is no shortage of collaboration from the most important Brands currently on the market. Below are just the Brands involved in our format:

  • The Smurfs
  • Sylvanian Families
  • Masha and The Bear
  • 44 Cats

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