Here comes Milo to "La Posta di YoYo"

milo carolina benvenga rai yoyo soluna experience

Today, Jan. 19 at 5 p.m. a new episode of "La Posta di YoYo". The protagonist of this episode is Milo, the lively and curious kitten protagonist of the television series of the same name that explores the world of crafts in each episode.

With Carolina Benvenga and Lallo, Milo will entertain young viewers by focusing on the importance of making yourself useful to others and how great it is to dream of becoming what you want to be.

For us at Soluna Experience it is always a source of great pride to be able to convey educational messages to the new generations. The agreement with RAI and the Brand Owners whose licenses we hold allows us to enter the homes of millions of Italians and further amplify our "Educating by having fun" philosophy, which is the basis of the activities we carry out in the workshops we create for shopping malls and tourist resorts around Italy.

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