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It is a hectic Christmas for us at Soluna!
In this last period we are present:

  • at the Belvedere shopping mall in Syracuse with the sustainable Pinocchio and Friends lab, the first workshop in Italy sponsored by ASSOGIOCATTOLI that teaches children about savoir faire;
  • at the Mongolfiera shopping mall in Lecce with the Masha and The Bear Christmas Lab;
  • at the Casal Bertone shopping mall in Rome, again featuring Pinocchio and Friends activities with which children enjoy making themed crafts and games;
  • at Salerno's Le Cotoniere shopping mall with Santa Claus Village, a magical space dedicated to children and families;
  • at the Le Zagare shopping mall in S. Giovanni la Punta still featuring Pinocchio and Friends activities;
  • at Rome's Primavera shopping mall with Masha and The Bear's first Green lab;
  • finally, at the La Scaglia shopping mall in Civitavecchia with the 44 Cats Christmas Lab.

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