Calanìca Wine Tour: Soluna Events and Duca di Salaparuta for an event to be savored

calanica wine tour soluna eventi and duca di salaparuta for an event all to taste

Soluna Events organizes the second edition of the Calanìca Wine Tour, the promotional tour that brings to the most beautiful locations in Sicily the line of Sicilian wines for tasting

The Calanìca Wine Tour

Following the Calanica Wine Tour 2020, Soluna Events has been chosen by the winery to manage the new edition of the promotional activity that takes the wines of the Calanìca line on tour: Chardonnay, Frappato, Grillo, Sirah and Rosa.

The tour consists of 15 stops in the most beautiful and evocative locations in Sicily: to find the relevant pdv, simply look at the map on the landing page dedicated to the Calanica Tour, to find the point of most interest and the relevant date.

Soluna Events was responsible for the graphic development of the project, the design and implementation of the landing page, the application for permits, the design and implementation of the materials, custom t-shirts, the selection of gadgets, and the sponsorship of the event through social media.

A dynamic promo full of news, for consumers

The highlight of the tour is definitely the wine bike. The wine bike is a special bicycle, properly set up, that can allow passers-by to taste the wines of the Calanìca line, in an easy and fun way.

After tasting the wine, the consumer chooses a "team," that is, one of the wines he or she liked best, and receives a palette by which he or she can express his or her appreciation.

Finally, he can immortalize this moment by taking (or having) a photo taken on the backdrop dedicated to the activity and posting it on social media with the hashtag #calanicawinetour.

After the photo is taken, consumers receive a free bottle, to be picked up at participating venues.

The Calanìca line

The Calanìca line is a line of wines offered by Duca di Salaparuta. With a strong Sicilian imprint, this line aims to tell the story of the natural riches of the island.

Duca di Salaparuta succeeds in its intent by focusing on the tale of single-varietal purity: chardonnay, grillo, frappato, syrah and the Sicilian varieties in the latest addition to the range, Calanìca Rosé.

The wines in this line, precisely because of their strong identity are particularly suitable for Wine Bars and Restaurants that offer service by the glass and cater to a cosmopolitan, young but at the same time trained clientele.

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