Discovering our brands: Floopaloo

discovering our floopaloo brand

Floopaloo: one of the novelties of summer 2021

Floopaloo, with over 4 million viewers is the most-watched cartoon on the Freesbie Digital Terrestrial channel.So far, 2 seasons have been produced, with a total of 104 13-minute episodes that have produced record ratings and ratings results. 

What's it about?

The cartoon is about Lisa and Matt, two cousins who spend their summer at an incredible Summer Camp. The place that hosts them is a forest full of secrets, guarded by a magical creature named Floopaloo.Floopaloo has an extremely important task, which is to protect Mother Nature. Moreover, he never lets anyone see him. Lisa and Matt curiously venture out with their friends in search of this creature and experience countless vicissitudes.

Soluna Events' formats with Floopaloo

In collaboration with Floopaloo, we have designed an experience for children to enjoy inside shopping malls and accommodations. Specifically, our format with Floopaloo, is called Summer Camp. This is a totally customized 32-square-meter physical space in which children engage in a multi-activity course in total safety. Find out all the activities we can develop for your company this summer.

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