Summer with Soluna is all about discovery!

Summer with Soluna is all about discovery!

The formats of summer

This year, we have come up with exclusive formats to restart together in the sunshine of these summer months.

We collaborate with the best brands on the market that allow us to organize unique activities and experiences for our clients, galleries and Italian shopping centers. We create moments of interaction for the audiences of galleries and malls involving different targets, inspired by positive values and sustainability.

We then take care of all aspects of organizing the activity, from planning to logistics. Educating by having fun is one of the main points of our programs that we offer to our clients. Finally, we are operational throughout the country.

Here are the new summer 2021 proposals for Italian shopping malls:

  • Miao Dance: from the success of 44 Cats, the first karaoke to be experienced in time to music in the company of Lampo and Milady.
  • Cat Run: a project developed in collaboration with the 44 Cats brand, an engaging and aggregating activity. The only sports-oriented event that allows the shopping mall to live outside the shopping mall, dedicated to anyone who wants to run and have fun.
  • Sea Friends: an ode to sustainability with our friends the Smurfs. A customized event area with graphics and set-ups inspired by Goal 14 of UN Agenda 2030 - Life Under Water. This area hosts many fun activities. In addition, the Meet and Greet with Hefty Smurf, Smurfette and Papa Smurf.
  • Summer Camp: in collaboration with Floopaloo, the most-watched summer hit cartoon on the digital terrestrial channel Freesbie. Basically, it consists of a totally customized space in which children try their hand at a multi-activity course in total safety.
  • Summer Emoji: a fun and colorful area with many activities to engage different targets from children to adults, for fun without age limits.

Discover all the activities we can develop for your business this summer.
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