Smurfette and Soluna: The New Educational Journey on Rai YoYo!

smurfette at la posta di rai yoyo soluna experience

Today, December 15, 2023, a new journey begins for Soluna Experience with the debut of some of the costume characters most loved by Italian children and families, in the famous television program “La Posta di YoYo”.

At 5.00 pm everyone tune in because, directly from the village of the little blue men, Smurfette arrives who, together with Carolina Benvenga and the cute and bizarre horse Lallo, will be the protagonist of lots of fun but also moments of reflection.

Fun, Education and Sustainability

It will be an engaging episode full of surprises that combines light-heartedness on the one hand and an important message for adults and children on the other. In fact, Smurfette will be an ambassador for crucial issues for our planet: sustainability and respect for nature.

Thanks to the collaboration with RAI and IMPS, Soluna now has the concrete possibility of bringing the fundamental values of its mission directly into the homes of millions of spectators. The initiative to introduce themes such as sustainability and to do so while playing and having fun represents a significant step forward which aims to push young people to reflect on their actions and the impact they have on the environment.

It's only the beginning!

Smurfette is only the first protagonist who will grace the stage of the YoYo Post. Before the end of the year, another character loved by children will be a guest on the program and from 2024 onwards there will be many other great new features. But we don't want to spoil too much...keep following us 😊

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