Virtual PlayRoom with the Smurfs: the report

virtual playRoom with the smurfs: the report

The first Mysocial PlayRoom dedicated to the Smurfs was a success. Below is a live report.

Here are the Smurfs!

The Smurfs brand is one of the most loved by children. In a 40-year career and over 500 episodes produced, the little blue men have accompanied entire generations, instilling in them sensitivity to issues of great importance, such as nature, ecology and sport.

Furthermore, they have received a special appointment directly from the ONU, as Ambassadors for the ONU 2030 agenda. In fact, the United Nations Organization is at the forefront of bringing about a change of pace in terms of emissions, aimed at safeguarding the future of our planet.

In short, a curriculum that leaves no room for doubt: the Smurfs have been able to create hoards of fans, communicating positive and constructive messages to them.

The Smurfs' Virtual PlayRoom

On Sunday 14 March, from the Facebook page of the Le Cotoniere Shopping mall, the Smurfs were the protagonists of the Virtual PlayRoom

Three events during which Papa Smurf and Smurfette entertained the little listeners with games, songs, quizzes and dances.

As with past events, there was no shortage of reading of the letters sent directly by the children to the mall's email address: all the children received a special personalized postcard.

The event in numbers

With over 15,000 total views and almost 4,000 total interactions. In addition, as of 03/19 there were 3,694 reactions and 748 comments.

Ultimately, an event that was a great success and aroused sincere interest.

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