My Social Playroom goes green and gets more and more attention

Soluna Events My Social Playroom with the Smurfs and Tobeesicily

A special Virtual Playroom with a focus on sustainability and bee conservation is receiving increasing attention and recognition.

My Social Playroom "Green" with the Smurfs

Pursuing fun for the little ones is never an end in itself. Soluna Events knows this well and organizes its events looking at the desire to leave them with something.

So it also looks at the need to raise awareness among children to build a sustainable future.

The March 31 Virtual Playroom with The Smurfs, UN ambassadors for the 2030 Agenda and always at the forefront of nature conservation, featured a special guest: a beekeeper from the Tobeesicily project.

The activities

During the three afternoon events, in addition to the fun with the smurfs, young spectators had the opportunity to adopt bees.

In doing so, the little participants will receive one of 200 jars of honey sent just by Tobeesicily as a giveaway for participants.

As a reminder, it will be possible to pick up the jars at the location in the gallery on designated days and times, subject to safety regulations.

A growing focus

The value of the My Social Playroom project, which is part of a larger project called the Spreading Event, is beginning to receive attention from multiple fronts, both sector and external.

It is no coincidence that just yesterday there was an in-depth and informative article about Soluna Eventi's own activities and its focus on the environment.

You can view the Syracuse News post here.

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