The Smurfs: Virtual Playroom with a Special Guest

the smurfs virtual playroom with a special guest

On Wednesday, March 31, a new MySocial Playroom special featuring the Smurfs and a special guest. Here's who it is

The new date

The Smurfs, the cute little blue men born from the pen of Peyo, brilliant Belgian cartoonist, land in Syracuse.

More specifically, they arrive at Belvedere Commercial Park to entertain children with their three usual appointments at 3 p.m., 4:15 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

There will be no shortage of interactive games and virtual Meet&Greet activities.

A special guest

In addition to the usual activities, there will be a live beekeeper who will reveal many secrets just about bees and honey.

In fact, Soluna Events will join the Tobeesicily project, thanks to which it is possible to virtually adopt bees. Precisely these tiny insects, so important to our ecosystem, need to be defended and protected.

There is no shortage of threats, especially in recent years: pests, pollution and pesticides are just some of the great enemies of bees. It is in this context that Soluna Events, fully in tune with the ecological message of the Smurfs, wants to do its part.

Adopt Bees

During the live broadcast it will indeed be possible to adopt the Bees: a special certificate, sent directly to Belvedere Commercial Park, will sanction their adoption.

In addition to the certificate, Tobeesicily will also ship as many as 200 jars of honey that will serve as giveaways for participating children.

It will be possible to pick up the jars at the gallery location on designated days and times, subject to safety regulations.

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